Trends That Fit Curved Women Better


Summer is just around the corner and we really want to show off the fashion trends that will be the most popular this season. If you need more inspiration for your fashion looks this summer, we have great news for you. We have selected the trends of the season that look better on curvy girls than on very skinny women. If you want to discover how to enhance the silhouette visually or how to hide it, Trendy fashion style interests you!

These trends of the season will fit you much better if yobefore referring to the type of clothing according to each specific activity, it is important that we keep in mind that we must always respect who we are, even when choosing our clothing. This is precisely what can make us look authentic and make us feel comfortable, or on the contrary, make us look like a copy of someone else.

So it is important to follow these tips, always adding our personal touch and also taking into account what is stated in the article.

What type of clothing best suits your body type?

Beyond fashion trends, always choose pieces that best suit your silhouette and enhance your strengths. If you want to go to the latest, check out these fashionable garments from now:

  • Midi dresses and jumpsuits. It is very important that they are tight at the waist, because in this way they highlight the silhouette and embellish the curves.
  • V-shaped necklines, as they visually stylize and lengthen the figure. If you have a lot of chest, you will be very favored.
  • As for the fashionable colors, go for the color block to see yourself more stylized and the XL prints.
  • Loose dresses, which are tight below the chest because they give a very nice shape. Choose a model that highlights the waist but hides the tummy and wide thighs.

As for the pants, opt for a culotte or palazzo type model. They are a perfect resource to lengthen the legs (seriously, they will seem infinite) and hide their real width.

Remember that high-heeled shoes (even if they are medium or low heels) are very stylish. If you want to be comfortable, opt for perfect wedges for spring summer looks. Now, take a look at the fashion trends that will look great on you if you have curves.

High waist pants

Essential to mark size. These, capri cut and printed, are perfect for stylizing the leg while visually lengthening the silhouette. Added to our must-have list!

Overalls and breastplates

The 90s aesthetic is back in fashion and jumpsuits are back to take over our looks. If you have curves, don’t think twice and get a jumpsuit (or a denim overall). If you want to hide wide legs, opt for a palazzo or culotte type model.

Mix of prints

Just because you have curves doesn’t mean you should make your style an ode to sobriety. The fun mix of prints is also for you. She wears them with shorts, another garment that will favor you a lot.

Loose and V-neckline dresses

If you have a lot of chest, go for a loose dress with a V-neckline dress day Jumpsuit. In this way, you will visually lengthen the neck and you will look very stylized. Also, remember that vertical stripes also lengthen the silhouette.

Palazzo pants

We love palazzo pants for many reasons. For starters, being high-waisted, they make the legs seem endless. They also enhance the waist (we recommend tucking your shirt or blouse inside). As if that were not enough, they hide the real width of the leg… Can you ask for more?

Color Block Fashion Suits

Tailored cut suits will flatter you a lot. This season, full color designs are on the rise. A safe bet both to go to work, and to attend a wedding or other important event.

Total black look

A combination that never goes out of style and will continue to be a safe bet this season as well. We love total black looks because they stylize a lot and visually subtract kilos. Wear them with full color accessories and give them a point of contrast.

Midi skirts

Bet on a midi skirt, a perfect garment to enhance the silhouette. Those who know the most about fashion combine them with white shirts (as beautiful as this one) and other basic garments.

Belted jackets

Go for a jacket or a blazer (if you want to be more elegant) with a belt. That jackets are the basic garment of any wardrobe, we don’t need to tell you. Pairing your trendy blazer with a belt will make you look very (but VERY) stylish.

Blazer dress

Blazer dresses are one of the most flattering pieces for girls with marked curves. If you haven’t gotten hold of this fashionable garment yet, we don’t know what you’re waiting for.


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