5 Places You Just Might End Up Moving To After Traveling There

No matter where we come from originally, life takes everyone on strange journeys sometimes and often that involves moving to completely different places. Some people stay living in one place their entire life and haven’t traveled to many other places, while others like to spend their free time and money traveling the world, but never move because they still like home best. Others still travel with a new place to live in mind.

Before moving anywhere, you should definitely take at least one trip there to check out the area and visualize what your new life in this new city could be like. Here are five places so cool you just might end up wanting to move there after your first visit.


Tucked away in the Southern United States, Nashville is booming right now and with good reason. Boasting lower house prices than any large cities on the East or West Coasts, a legendary music scene, and great food and bar scene, if you visit once you just may never leave.


Many visit here with the intention of seeing the Northern Lights, or to work on a fishing boat for one season. But lots of these people end up moving to Alaska because they love the wildlife and sense of solidarity. Just make sure when you travel to AK you bring a warm jacket in case you end up staying forever, because it does get cold.


France is on most people’s bucket lists of places to visit in their life, but for some when that fantasy becomes a reality they never want it to end and they move there. With large bustling cities as well as quiet countrysides, there’s something in France for everyone. And oh, the pastries!


Another bucket list vacation is Norway. The fjords really are something to behold and the locals are the nicest. Once you visit however and learn about how low their crime rates are, how great their school systems are, and how phenomenal their healthcare system is, you just might find yourself tempted to turn around and go home to pack your bags and move to Norway.

Eastern Europe

Places like Serbia, Georgia, and Armenia might not be at the top of your list of cities you’re dying to travel to, but if you do visit Eastern Europe you will find that it’s so affordable to live there and if you know the right places to go to, it’s actually quite safe as well. If those aren’t reasons to want to move somewhere, what are?

Whether you have the travel bug or not, you’ll have to leave the confines of your home eventually. Keep an open mind when you travel and you just might discover a place you could see yourself moving.

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