What to Pack and Remember to Take on a Cruise

Whether you’ve just checked out which cruise ships launched in 2018 and booked your first cruise or if you are a seasoned cruise veteran, simply continue reading to discover 11 essential items that you’ll want to pack for your next cruise!

What to pack and remember to take on a cruise:

1. Sunscreen

Regardless of whether you plan on cruising around the Caribbean or Alaska, it’s essential to pack sunscreen. While you can purchase sunscreen onboard your cruise ship, normally products like sunscreen are overpriced on cruises.

2. A lanyard

It’s well worth packing a lanyard which you’ll be able to attach your cruise card to. You’ll need to have your cruise card with you at all times, as not only will your cruise card open your cabin door but you’ll also need your cruise card each time you disembark your ship to explore a port and to pay for any incidental items which you may purchase.

3. Seasickness tablets

In order to ensure that you don’t end up suffering from serious seasickness, make sure to pack enough seasickness tablets to last for the duration of your cruise.

4. A bathing suit

You’ll need at least one bathing suit if you plan on making use of your cruise ships swimming pools and hot tubs.

5. Flip flops or slides

Even if you prefer wearing sandals, it’s well worth packing a pair of flip flops or slides which you’ll be able to wear around your cruise ships pool deck.

6. A tidy pair of sandals

As you won’t be able to wear your flip flops or slides in your ship’s restaurants and bars, make sure to pack a tidy pair of sandals.

7. Dress shoes

Dress shoes such as ballet flats, high heels and sandals for women and loafers and proper dress shoes for men are essential for formal nights.

8. A smart outfit

Men should pack a suit or a pair of dress pants and a smart shirt, while women should pack a cocktail dress or a pair of dress pants and a blouse. As the vast majority of cruises feature multiple formal nights, which feature strict dress codes. So, unless you are comfortable eating at a buffet every night or ordering room service each night, it pays to pack a smart outfit or two!

9. Workout gear

Every cruise ship features a gym and sports activities, so it’s a great idea to pack workout gear, especially if you look forward to indulging in decadent onboard meals. It’s also a great idea to pack work out gear in order to take part in exciting, adventurous onshore activities such as hiking, zip-lining, cycling and horse riding.

10. Warm layers

As it can get cooler in the evenings, especially if you plan on watching outdoor movies at night or going for a walk around your cruise ship’s decks, it’s well worth packing a few warm layers such as a jumper or cardigan and a coat.

11. A sunhat

As you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors in direct sunlight during your cruise, it’s a wise idea to pack a sunhat, so that you don’t end up looking as red as a lobster!

So next time you pack for a cruise, it’s well worth remembering to pack all 11 items listed above into your suitcase.


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