8 Tools You Need To Have At Your Home At All Times

There is a little bit or form of DIY activity going on at your homes at all times irrespective of the season or the event. Every household experiences minimal operational issues every now and then such as a crack in the ceiling, a leaking pipe, a water source that needs tightening, etc. Rather than calling an experienced professional every time something needs to be fixed, which is both expensive and inconvenient, you often turn to the one person in the household that is known for their excellent DIY skills. That person in turn looks towards the toolkit you have at home to enable them to do their part. Hence, as a homeowner, you are recommended to have a tool box at the premises at all times. Here are the tools that you absolutely need to have at your home and safe in your toolkit:

A set of screwdrivers

You should have a complete set of screwdrivers that come very handy in tightening cabinets or other hardware, installing any switches, etc. Having a complete set allows you to get into the tight and thick spots both equally well.

A toolbox

Many individuals complain that despite having all tools stocked, they often tend to lose a screwdriver or two. Hence, such individuals should opt for specialized tool boxes that are designed to keep your tools safe and are also travel friendly such as the ezToolBox.

A hammer

A hammer is essential for you to handle all your fixing needs or if you need to tighten something without the use of screws. It also comes handy when you are setting nails into something or putting up a frame on the wall. The backside of the hammer can also be used to put only any bent or useless nails.

A measuring tape

A measuring tape comes in handy during almost all DIY projects as you always have to measure something or the other in the process.

A duct tape roll

In order to perform any quick fixes around the house, you need to have duct tapes rolls handy. You can fix just about anything with enough duct tape, and even for bigger fixes duct tape can temporarily hold the fort while a proper fixing help is on its way.

A wrench

A wrench is often used to tighten or assemble things around the house regularly. An adjustable wrench is even better as it allows you to adjust the wrench’s diameter according to the nut or bolt you are trying to fix.

A utility knife

A utility knife comes in handy in your home as it is used regularly in opening boxes, sharpening pencils, etc. You should have a little practice in using utility knife in order to use it around the house.

A set of pliers

Pliers come in handy when you need to straighten plugs or need to remove a fixture that is too stubborn to pry out of your wall, etc. Pliers can be an essential part of your tool kit for various DIY projects around the home.


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