A Guide To Distinguishing When The Clicking Noises In Your Car Mean Bad News

When it comes to strange noises vehicles make, clicking sounds are some of the most common. In some cases, a clicking sound may be indicative of a very minor problem that is more annoying than dangerous. However, there are some clicking noises that point to serious issues that should be addressed as quickly as possible. Here is a quick guide to help you distinguish when the clicking noises in your car mean bad news.

Clicking or Clanking When Going Over Bumps

If your truck makes a clicking or clanking noise when you go over bumps or turn the wheel, it could be time to have your truck shocks inspected. Bad shocks are annoying and make for an extremely rough ride, but they can also put you in danger. When your shocks are bad, you can potentially lose control when accelerating due to unequal distribution of force throughout the car.

Clicking When Braking

A good rule of thumb is to have your brakes checked out any time they make strange noises. If you hear a clicking, metal-on-metal noise, it’s time to visit your mechanic immediately. Neglecting to do so could put you in serious risk of a car crash if your brakes fail. 

Clicking or Popping in Wheels

If you hear a clicking or popping noise coming from your wheels, you may have a damaged CV joint. CV joints give the front axle flexibility and act like wrists for your steering system. If the CV joint becomes damaged, it can cause the axle to become less flexible and click whenever the wheels turn. Have your mechanic check out your CV joint and Dana 44 front axle if you hear clicking noises in your wheels.

Any clicking noises from your truck wheels, brakes or engine should be checked out and repaired for the safety of you and your passengers. If you have experience replacing problematic car parts yourself, you can find shocks, wheels and other parts at 4 Wheel Parts.

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