3 Tips For Dressing Your Postpartum Body

Being pregnant brings big changes to your body. Whether you were underweight or overweight before you got pregnant, the nine months of growing a baby within your body is bound to bring about some extra weight, added girth, and unexpected expansion is certain areas of your body.

But while you might like to think that all of this growth will shrink back down as soon as you’ve delivered your baby, most moms find that this simply isn’t the case. For at least the first few weeks, you’ll likely still look like you’ve got something hiding under your clothes.

So to help you feel more comfortable and confident during this time, here are three tips for dressing your postpartum body.

Look For Loose and Flowy Tops

Because you’ll likely still have a decent-sized belly and enlarged breasts after you deliver your baby, Jenny Greenstein, a contributor to Mother.ly, recommends that you try to opt for tops that are loose and flowy.

By wearing tops that don’t cling to your body too much, you’ll be able to camouflage any leftover belly you have as well as allowing for room as your body continues to settle in. Additionally, looser tops can also be helpful while you figure out nursing your new baby if you plan to breastfeed, which can also cause changes with how your breasts look and feel in clothes.

Embrace Long And Open Cardigans

Another staple to add to your postpartum wardrobe, according to Judith Jones, a contributor to WhoWhatWear.com, are long, drapey, open cardigans. Perfect for lounging around the house with your new baby or dressing up some other comfortable postpartum clothes, cardigans are a great way to make your frame look a little slimmer than it might currently be.

For those breastfeeding moms, open cardigans are also great for giving your baby easy access for nursing while also allowing you to keep warm or stay covered up if the weather’s chilly.

Try Some “Mom Jeans”

Once your body has healed a little bit, you might want to change out of your sweatpants and into something that makes you feel a little more put-together. But if you’ve still got a little pooch, you might not feel like any of your pre-pregnancy clothes will work for you.

To address this, Liz Krieger, a contributor to BabyCenter.com, recommends that you try some “mom jeans”. This look, which is totally in style now even for those who aren’t mothers, is a great way to wear clothes that are a little more fitted to your body but will still give you support in areas where you need it, namely your belly.

If you’re unsure about how to dress yourself now that you’re no longer pregnant but not back to your pre-baby body yet, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find some options that will work for you.


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