How to Use an Oil Cleanser like a Pro!

Almost every woman is into cleansing their face, thanks to celebrities and beauty therapies. Cleaning with an oil cleanser face is nonetheless not an overrated beauty practice. It’s an essential skincare routine that every woman should follow to ensure clean skin.

Among all other body parts, the face is one of the most frequently touched. Therefore, the face gets clogged with so many contaminants. Additionally, the makeup we use also contains many oil-based ingredients. The skin also produces sebum, which is the oil part of our skin.

Knowing how to use an oil cleanser may be the difference between healthy supple skin and a dirt-clogged face.

Why oil face cleanser?

  • Hydrates and nourishes the skin
  • It doesn’t strip away the skin’s natural oils because it soap-free
  • It contains an emulsifier that dissolves with water for easy, thorough rinsing and no traces of greasy residue
  • Oil cleanser works fine with every skin type, even sensitive and acne-prone skin.
  • Oil attracts oil by dissolving it. This is why the oil cleanser dissolves the excess oil from makeup ingredients and sebum from the body leaving, you feeling clean and smooth.

Should you first remove makeup?

No need to remove makeup before using the oil cleanse because the best oil cleanse will remove the entire residue in one go. Apply a small amount of the cleanser and rub gently to dissolve all dirt and residue.

Mind the constituting ingredients in the oil cleanser

Oil cleanser is as good for your skin as the ingredients used in the product. Not all-natural oils have dual excellence in their performance. Whereas coconut oil may be ideal in the kitchen, it may block the pore that helps the skin breathe. Such oils are comedogenic and do not make the best oil cleanse ingredient.

On the other hand, grapeseed oil is an excellent antioxidant protecting the skin from free radicals. Additionally, it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids that promote healthy skin. Therefore, it nourishes and moisturizes leaving, it feeling silky smooth and supple.

Take Your Time When Cleansing

Modern life is continually putting us on our toes. We rarely have some me-time to enjoy simple pleasures. Getting your face clean is a pleasurable routine that guarantees you clean soft skin-so take your time while at it.

Take your time to gently and slowly rub the oil cleanse in tiny circular motions. This would remove all the grime and dirt that would otherwise have remained in the skin if you did it hurriedly.

Try Double-cleansing

Good things do no harm when repeated, right. And sure, you’ve heard about double-cleansing. Give it a try and enjoy a deep cleansing of your skin. Your skin will get rid of all dirt, grime, bacteria, and makeup left behind in the initial cleansing step.

You can begin with an oil cleanser to break the surface dirt and then follow up with your preferred rinse-off face wash. The second oil cleanse will deep cleanse the pores allowing them to breathe.

Try these life-giving tips to your skin and enjoy supple, smooth skin.


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