How To Be Your Boss

Delivery driver jobs come in different forms. One can work as a full time and a part-time delivery driver depending on his choice and requirement. Usually, the majority of the delivery drivers work with 2 types of jobs. They work as a full-time delivery driver for the company, and second, they work part-time and pick the work as they can find it.

The main purpose of the delivery driver is very simple. They have to pick an item from location A and drop or deliver it to location B. It is the perfect kind of job for the people who love a little bit of anatomy in their lives and don’t like to follow a monotonous job routine. Exploring new places or locations by delivering stuff to people, isn’t it great?


Why are independent delivery drivers? 

People or the delivery driver who wants to work as an independent delivery driver often love the freedom they get to their job. The best part of their job is to decide which route they want to go to, and they can even carry multiple loads depending on their vehicle size. The only tough part with the independent delivery driver jobs is that they need to find and look out for work independently.


How to be your boss by finding delivery jobs? 

Usually, independent delivery jobs are found with the help of load boards online. There are many load boards available on which you search for a delivery job according to your requirements. On these load board platforms, people upload the items they want the delivery to be done, and delivery drivers bid for them.

Most of the leader boards ask for a paid monthly subscription and provide you the access to the platform to get the appropriate delivery services.


Advantages of looking for delivery jobs at Shiply

Unlike other load board options, Shiply doesn’t charge anything extra or ask for any monthly subscription from an independent delivery driver.

The platform only charges a small amount when you earn a delivery job. That fee amount is quoted on top of the bidding amount quoted by you.

The interface of the Shiply platform is designed by keeping the needs of drivers in mind. You can easily search for delivery jobs using filters like delivery jobs by local, state, or route. This means you can get the delivery job which is more suited to you and organized and scheduled.



It is not important to work as a full-time delivery job to earn a great amount of money. You can easily earn that amount of money or even more than that if you work as an independent delivery driver. This job type will allow you the freedom to get higher paid delivery jobs that will completely suit your requirements. The best part is you don’t have to pay anything extra in subscription fees every month.

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