5 Places to Score Good Eats in Quezon City

The most populous city in the Philippines also happens to be a pretty good place for satisfying practically any craving. There’s a dizzying variety of food available in Quezon City: numerous cuisines are represented, and there’s a food stall or restaurant to cater to every budget. From hole-in-the-walls to elevated dining experiences and everything else in between, these are the best places to score amazing bites in the largest city in the National Capital Region:

  • Tomatokick

Step into this casual watering hole and within minutes you’ll feel like part of the family of eclectic regulars that frequent the establishment. Tomatokick’s new location in Malingap retains the same great food and friendly atmosphere that had their loyal fanbase following them from their original spot in Maginhawa and bringing their friends. Prices are reasonable to attract cash-strapped students. Try their Sisig Pasta, a steal at just a little over 200 pesos, and wash it down with any of the local beers on offer. Regulars also recommend the Crispy Bacon Liempo and the Beef Fajitas.

  • Crazy Katsu

This katsudon joint is one of the original mainstays at Maginhawa, and over the years it has solidified its reputation as a respected institution on the popular restaurant strip. The heart of Crazy Katsu’s menu is composed of Japanese fried dishes at prices that make them accessible to the masses. By keeping their list of offerings short, the team at Crazy Katsu is able to focus on quality and consistency. Portions are huge, ensuring real value for your money. Katsu Rice Meals start at 190 pesos, while the must-try Beef Sukiyaki meal is a steal at 215. It’s a mere 11 minutes away by car from staycation favorite North Pointe Residences, so be sure to drop in if you’re ever in the area.

  • Griddle: Steak x Wings

Griddle’s travel-themed interiors are sure to attract diners with wanderlust in their eyes, but it’s the food that keeps them coming back for multiple visits. Owners Cellina Santos and Jan Wesley Samson’s passion for seeing the world is rivaled only by their enthusiasm for great food, and now Griddle consistently tops best-of lists for unique offerings such as the lip-smacking good Honey Bagoong Wings and the sinful Lechon Tacos. Check them out at #106-B in Maginhawa.

  • Buen Comer Poquellas

For the best burritos in the city, head over to Buen Comer Poquellas on the corner of Mahabagin. This former food stall has outgrown small-time status, thanks to a fervent and devoted customer base of fans of their Filipino take on classic Mexican flavors. Peri-peri chicken is fused seamlessly with local favorite inasal and served with dirty rice, and this is the only place on the planet where you can score a kare-kare burrito, made with chunks of crispy lechon kawali and homemade bagoong. The dishes proved to be such a hit that they’ve since commandeered a garage for additional seating space to accommodate the masses.

  • Tetsuo

If you like Japanese culture, street style, and skateboarding, then you’ll love Tetsuo, a Japanese fried chicken joint located in Loyola Heights, just a stone’s throw away from the revered Ateneo de Manila University. Longtime friends and now co-owners Matt San Pedro, Sean Bautista, Wesley Chan, and Timothy Jacob have a direct line to what post-millennials consider cool, and now they’re slinging out succulent pieces of fried chicken and delectable pork baos in a restaurant whose interiors call to mind a night out in Tokyo—neon-lit and perpetually vibrant. The karaage is not to be missed, but do try their Torched Salmon Bowl: salmon chunks are marinated in miso before being subjected to the blowtorch and added to rice topped generously with teriyaki sauce, pickled cucumber slivers, bits of crunchy salmon skin, and spicy mayonnaise.

These are but a few of the many food joints that will satisfy your palate and fill your stomach. What are you craving for right now? In Quezon City, you’re sure to find at least one food stall or restaurant that can give you exactly what you need, at a price that fits your budget.


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