4 Most Common Reasons People Get Into Car Accidents

Thousands of car accidents happen every day. While some of them are unavoidable, a large portion of them could have easily been avoided by taking the right preventative measures. Often, human error is something that can be prevented by making sure that you’re cautious.


While being cautious doesn’t always guarantee you’ll stay safe, it certainly reduces your risk of an incident. By staying aware of some of the reasons for car accidents, you can reduce your chances of them happening to you. Take a look at the most common reasons why people get into car accidents and what you can do to stay safe.




Distractions come in all kinds of different packages. For some people, it could be reading a sign as they drive down the street, while for others, it’s checking a text message. Whatever the reason may be, lending our attention to something other than the road ahead of you is an instant recipe for disaster.


The only thing that you should be focused on while driving is driving itself; otherwise you put yourself and others’ lives at risk.




A lot of people ignore the speed limits believing that they’re the exception to the rule. However, the truth is that you aren’t. Despite how much of a rush you are in to get somewhere, nothing is worth potentially risking your life or other people’s. If getting somewhere on time is a big concern for you, then leave with plenty of time to spare rather than leaving too late.


Adverse Weather


Sometimes you can’t help when the rain starts to fall as you’re driving down the road. While you may not be able to control the weather, you can control how you react in it. It’s important that you are careful when driving on slick roads.


Make sure that you maintain a safe distance between you and the car in front of you in case you aren’t able to brake in time. Even though you may not anticipate that you’ll make a mistake, you can’t guarantee that other drivers won’t. Giving yourself distance between you and them when the weather is adverse will ensure that you stay out of potentially dangerous situations.


Running Lights


We’ve all done it at least once – we see a yellow light, so we speed up to beat it before it turns red. Unfortunately, this is the opposite of what a yellow light is telling you what to do. The idea is to slow down before you come to a complete stop. Sadly, many people speed up and wind up, getting into serious accidents.


Yellow light offenders are the only ones, either. The most dangerous is running a red light, which can completely blindside someone. Always respect the lights and what they mean.


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