How Much Would it Cost to Travel the World

Have you finally given in to the temptation and have started planning a round-the-world trip? Well, the first thing that you should know is how much the trip would cost and whether or not it would exceed your budget. Most people avoid the thought of it simply because of the fear of money, so here is a little bit of an estimation that you could look at for your expedition around the world.



An RTW trip is a big decision which simply cannot be made overnight, but if you’ve made up your mind about it, here’s something you should know beforehand.

Factors Effecting The Price

Travelling requires money which means you have to be smart about where you spend and how much. It’s not just the conveyance which costs a lot but many other factors as well, such as:

  • Transport
  • Country
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Activities
  • Length of stay

While there are several other aspects, these are the biggest expenses that you’ll have to be dealing with. So to begin your calculation on how much would it cost to travel the world, let’s look at the details of travelling expenses for a year round trip, of course cost for pre-trip preparations are excluded here.


Traveling or transport not only means the airfare but bus tickets, trains, taxis etc. Since you’d want to save as much money as possible, it would work well if you tried hiking and travelling on foot wherever possible. Regardless, for a year round global tour, your total expense from conveyance would summarize to be approximately 5,520.83 USD. This includes all intra-country transportation as well as the airfare. Keep in mind that the time you choose your travels could also mean a rise or decrease in the plane tickets.


From cheap countries to expensive ones, your price for accommodation will greatly vary everywhere. But in total you’ll have to spend at least 54,750 USD for a year-round trip. This will, of course, vary depending on where you choose to stay.


Food and drinks will cost you on a total of at least 2,820.11 USD if you include snacks as well as three meals a day.


The total cost for entertainment would include activities like tours, adventures, parties etc. You would have to spend a little over 3,613.18 USD.


Your total cost only through the three aforementioned amenities would turn out to be 66,704.12 USD. This is only the travel, accommodation, food and entertainment.

Other Things To Consider

Other costs would include pre-travel expenses such as visas, travel insurance, vaccines etc. You would also have to pack travel gear and shopping from the place of stay. Other things you also need to remember is that the travel expense could greatly alter according to how long you stay and where.

But in the end, a global venture would do you good in not only changing your lifestyle but also how you perceive everything around you. Saving up for the travel would take years and harsh measurements but in the end, it’s all going to be worth it!

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