Cheapest Places to Backpack

Are you a travel enthusiast but money is holding you back? That seems like a problem for everyone who wishes to tread the globe and see all that it has to offer. But what if you found out that there are some places you could visit that are both easy on the wallet as well as on the eyes? Well, grab your backpacks because here are three places you could go to for affordable and cheap backpacking holidays:

1. Cambodia

Backpacking never felt so good, especially when you’re going to a place that not only has amazing scenery that is bound to take your breath away, but it also holds several historical locations bound to take you on a trip through time. Traveling to Cambodia is so cheap it’s almost like you’re travelling for free! Oh and while you’re there, don’t forget to visit the Sihanoukville beaches and Phnom Penh as well so you can experience the Silver Pagoda or the Tuol Sleng Museum of genocidal crimes.

When should you visit?

If you’ve decided to visit Cambodia, you need to make sure you go at a time when the weather is just perfect so it’s not difficult to backpack your way through the beautiful buildings. To have the perfect experience, go in October or November when the weather is just right.

2. Laos

This Southeast Asian country is known for its beautiful mountains and Buddhist monasteries. Its landscape is one that’s definitely going to give you goose bumps and make you catch a glimpse of heaven on earth. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about the effect it’s going to have on your pocket because it’s actually quite affordable! The outdoor tours, the temples and especially the people are really going to change the way you live. It’s an amazing experience with beautiful markets to visit and plenty of outdoor activities for you to do.

When should you visit?

Usually people choose to go in July and August but no matter when you choose to go, there’s always going to be a surprise waiting for you there!

3. Honduras

Don’t be fooled by its dangerous image, this Central American vacation is the quick getaway you’re aiming for. With its beautiful sandy beaches, you wouldn’t wish to be anywhere else! You can even benefit from the cheap food and drinks that it has to offer but wait, that’s not all. Honduras has a Roatan shore excursion and a huge variety of outdoor activities to enhance your experience there.

When should you visit?

Well if you go in June-September, you’ll get to witness the sharks but from March- April, the weather is dry and hot. Perfect for laying down and relaxing on the beach.

These are actually the most recommended amongst the many cheapest places to backpack and it’s definitely going to be an excellent use of your time. So grab your backpack and book a ticket because you wouldn’t want to miss one more minute of an “adventure-less” day!

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