10 Gifts That Will Hit the Mark with Your Favorite Hunter

Hunters are a bit of a peculiar breed, which means that figuring out different gift ideas for hunters can sometimes be a little challenging. Part of what you need to figure out when shopping for your hunter friends and family members is if you should get them actual hunting items, products that show off their love for hunting or gifts that are tangentially related to hunting.

No matter which you decide is best, this piece will give you some great gift ideas for hunters this holiday season.

Let’s get started.

1. An Outdoor Game Processing Kit

For hunters, the real work only begins once the animal is on the ground. This means that a good outdoor game processing kit is essential to their hunt, as a quality one can help make the process easier.

Fortunately, there are a variety of quality kits on the market, including those from Outdoor Edge, Mossy Oak and others.

2. Hand Warmers

Depending on when and where your hunter is stalking their game, it can get pretty cold, and having cold hands on a hunt can make things a lot harder than necessary.

Therefore, hand warmers can be a great gift for hunters. Additionally, depending on which type you opt to get, they can make for a special gift or just a little stocking stuffer.

For those who want a full-on gift, go ahead and grab one of the best rechargeable hand warmers on the market (as they are all quite affordable). For the latter route, throw some of the classic HotHands hand warmers into their stocking.

3. A Quality Rifle Case

No matter if the hunter in your family likes to travel to get their game or sticks close to home, protecting their tools is important. Therefore, buying a quality rifle case for them is sure to make their holiday season special.

The fact is that, while soft cases are quite prevalent and affordable, they don’t provide much protection for what is inside.

Get your favorite hunter a durable, crushproof, protective rifle case to help preserve the quality and condition of their primary hunting tool.

4. The MeatEater Guide to Wilderness Skills and Survival

Most hunters are well-acquainted with Steve Rinella, probably enjoy his show MeatEater, listen to his podcast and might even have one or more of his older books on their shelves.

In 2020, Steve dropped another educational tome for hunters entitled The MeatEater Guide to Wilderness Skills and Survival. Needless to say, this book would make a perfect gift for your favorite hunter.

In this book, hunters can learn everything from basic first aid to water purification tactics, wilderness navigation strategies and beyond.

5. A Ballistic Hunting Vest

While the classic orange safety vest is a staple for most hunters, it is undoubtedly a flimsy little thing. Go ahead and give your favorite hunter an upgrade with something like Sitka’s ballistic vest as it is well-known as a comfortable, quality option for in the field.

6. A Tactical Flashlight

Your loved one isn’t likely going to combat elk and geese, so why do they need a tactical flashlight?

The fact is that, while there are many good flashlights on the market, a tactical flashlight is likely to be far more durable, versatile and put out more lumens than your standard hardware store flashlight.

Moreover, many of the quality tactical flashlights for sale today feature various programmable modes of use, have battery-level indicators and present users with other valuable elements.

7. Some High-Quality Beef Jerky

While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about gifts for hunters, beef jerky is an excellent present.

With this gift, you can either go the quantity (as it is shelf-stable and great when in the field) or the quality route and get your hunter some fancy gourmet stuff.

Either way, a box full of beef jerky is sure to delight.

8. Deer Hunting Soap

For those who have never been deer hunting, their sense of smell is incredibly refined, meaning that they can smell humans up to a quarter of a mile away.

For this reason, gifting something like Scent Killer Gold body wash or Dead Down Wind bar soap is sure to be a practical, appreciated gift for when your favorite hunter’s next outing occurs.

9. Calls

As it is, there are tons of different calling devices on the market for different types of animals. Whatever your favorite hunter’s most frequently hunted animal is, get them a call for that creature.

No matter if your guy or gal likes to hunt ducks, turkeys, quails, deer, hogs or something else entirely, there is a call out there for them.

10. A Gift Card

Maybe you’re still not sure what to get the hunter in your life. Perhaps you don’t know what they really need or want.

That’s okay!

The good news is that they do know precisely what they need, and somewhere like Bass Pro Shops is sure to have it. Therefore, picking up a gift card to a store like Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, Sportsman’s Warehouse, REI or whatever their favorite sporting outlet is will surely be a home run of a gift for this holiday season.

Hunting Down the Best Gifts for Hunters

Finding unique, useful or otherwise cherished gifts for your favorite hunter doesn’t need to be a frustrating endeavor.

All of the items listed above are sure to be a big hit with the hunter in your family.

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