Romantic Getaway Ideas For 2021

Are you planning a romantic getaway with your partner? Whether this is your first trip together or your 50th, you will want it to be a special and unique experience that brings you closer together and provides new memories for you to look back on. With travel tentatively resuming, many people are desperate to get away with their partner and might have been planning a trip for some time. It can be hard to know where to go when there are so many good options for a romantic trip, so here are a few ideas that will hopefully give you some inspiration.

Paris, France

There is a reason why Paris is known as The City of Love and the place that often first comes to mind when discussing romantic destinations. The French capital is somewhere that has a beautiful, romantic atmosphere throughout and endless highlights to see, particularly for art and culture lovers. There is also nothing quite like wandering the streets with your partner and stopping off at the cafes, bars, and restaurants found throughout.

Santorini, Greece

Many people are desperate to get away to a sunny island with their partner for a romantic trip, and it is hard to beat Santorini for romanticism. Here you can lounge on the beach soaking up the sun, enjoy mesmerizing views out to sea and explore the cliff-top towns where you can enjoy romantic meals with your partner.


Those seeking a luxury sun, sea, and sand holiday should have the Maldives at the top of their list. The Maldives provides the kind of settings that you typically only see on postcards with idyllic beaches, tropical sunshine, and azure waters. If you and your partner are looking to completely unwind and indulge in luxury, this is certainly somewhere that will be of interest to you.


Couples that have a shared love of wildlife will find that Tanzania is a country that will provide an unforgettable experience. Tanzania safari holidays are known to be the best in the world, with incredible wildlife spotting opportunities in both the north and south. The north has iconic highlights like Serengeti National Park, which is home to The Great Wildebeest Migration, while the south is generally more affordable and also cheaper while still giving visitors the chance to see stunning creatures in their natural habitat.

Cape Cod, USA

If you do not want to leave the States, there are plenty of good options for romantic destinations throughout. It is hard to beat Cape Cod, though, as an idyllic setting where you can escape from the fast-paced nature of modern life. You can spend time with your partner walking, cycling, and exploring the peaceful villages, and taking a dip in the ocean. If you love seafood, this is also one of the world’s best places for fresh seafood!

Hopefully, this post will give you some inspiration and help you to decide on a destination for a romantic trip with your partner.


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