3 Signs That You Might Be A Great Salesperson



If you’re looking for a new career but aren’t sure what you’d be best suited to, you might want to think about what skills you have and what careers those skills could easily lend themselves to.

As you go through this process, you might find that one type of career that you could really excel at is sales. To help you know if this might be the case for you, here are three signs that you might be a great salesperson.

You’re A Natural Problem Solver

For most sales positions, what you’re really trying to do is offer someone a new solution to a problem they’re having or a lack that they’ve recognized in their life. Because of this, people who are natural problem solvers often find that they’re great at sales.

Whether you find that you can come up with solutions to problems easily or you just love the process of taking something that isn’t working and figuring out how to make it work, being a natural problem solver—and having the desire to help other people solve their problems as well—could make you a great salesperson.

You’re Resilient

Sales can be a tough job. Not only are you often having to solicit people and offer them solutions to problems that they may not even realize they have yet, salespeople spend a lot of their time getting turned down for the help they’re trying to offer.

For some people, getting rejected or asked to leave can be humiliating. But if you’re going to succeed in sales, you have to be resilient against these kinds of outcomes. Knowing this, successful salespeople often know how to let things just roll off their back and don’t feel like rejection lowers their self-worth. With a positive outlook on life and the ability to always think that things might turn around for you with the next prospect, being resilient is almost an imperative for someone who’s going to have a happy and healthy career in sales.

You’re A Good Listener

Although salespeople might be given some kind of pitch or script to work off of when speaking with prospects, what can really set an outstanding salesperson apart from a mediocre salesperson is their ability to listen to their prospect while they’re talking. The better you’re able to listen to people and what they need, the better you’ll be able to build a rapport with people and offer them the help and support that they actually need to make a final purchasing decision.

If you’ve wondered if you could cut it as a salesperson but haven’t dipped your toe into this water yet, consider how possessing the skills and abilities mentioned above could set you on the path to success in any sales position.

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