Top Music Venues In The World

Everybody loves quality sound when they’re listening to their favorite artist at a concert, making it super important that you know where to go to find that level of excellence.

Sound is everything when it comes to music, and there are several noteworthy places around the world that play host to top notch performances on the regular.

Take some time now to educate yourself on where in the world you can find the best sound possible, and set up your next concert experience with confidence.

Arena of Nimes in France

If you want to explore one of the most iconic places in France, take a trip to see a show at the Arena of Nimes. The arena will have you feeling like you’re about to hear the sounds of a vicious battle, but this well-preserved Roman amphitheater produces a different kind of sound today.

If you want to see something other than a concert at this historic venue, there are also recreations of gladiators in combat and other events that used to go down within the confines of the arena. Either way, you won’t get bored exploring the Arena of Nimes during your visit to France.

Red Rock Amphitheater in the United States

Red Rock Amphitheater is one of the world’s natural wonders. You’ll find two monolithic red rocks standing more than 300 feet high serving as the perfect wall for the creation of natural acoustics.

The formation of a natural amphitheater shape makes for one hell of a good sound. Music superstars such as U2, The Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix have graced the stage at Red Rock.

If you do plan to see a show at Red Rock, get there early. The place is so beautiful, you’ll want to give yourself time to explore the grounds before it’s overrun with fans.

Dalhalla Amphitheater in Sweden

Rock Rock is America’s natural spectacle of a music venue, and Dalhalla is Europe’s equivalent. Dalhalla Amphitheater in Sweden will take your breath away at first sight. It’s gorgeous, and it’s easy to see why the venue produces such a quality experience for concert goers.

The Dalhalla Amphitheater is located in an old limestone quarry. The stage is recessed more than 160 feet into the ground, surrounded by a thick forest canopy. If you’re looking for a great concert experience, traveling to this gem won’t let you down.

The Sydney Opera House in Australia

You can’t read an article about the best music venues in the world without finding the Sydney Opera house on the list. This venue is well known throughout the world for its quality sound and gorgeous architecture. The draw to this historic location is obvious.


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