3 Tips For Preparing For A Long Backpacking Trip

If you have dreams of taking a long backpacking trip somewhere, there are a few things that you’re going to want to do as you prepare for this adventure. Without the proper preparation, you could wind up having a less than ideal time either through getting lost, bringing the wrong equipment, putting too much stress on your body, and more.

So to help ensure that you’re ready for any backpacking adventure you want to take, here are three tips for preparing for a long backpacking trip.

Find Ways To Build Endurance

Backpacking is much more challenging than regular hiking because it tests your endurance so much more. With backpacking, you’re having to pack along with you all of the gear that you’ll need throughout the duration of your trip. This can mean you’re carrying a much larger pack than you would for a day hike. Additionally, if you’re going to be hiking over the span of days, you’ll need to be prepared for how this will feel on your body.

As part of your endurance preparation, you should begin doing things like taking long walks or long hikes. Something else that can help is carrying heavy items around with you, like people do when unloading freight trucks or moving to a new home. The more you’re able to get your body used to this type of work, the more prepared you’ll be for your long backpacking trip.

Train In All Weather Conditions

When you’re going to be out in nature for a few days, there’s really no telling what kind of weather you’re going to experience. While the chances might be good for good weather during certain times of the year, it’s always wise to have done some of your training in inclement weather so that you know what it will be like if and when bad weather comes your way.

Although you might not like the idea of going out and hiking in the rain or strong winds, doing this during your training for a long backpacking trip will help you determine what you need in this type of environment or how your plans might need to change if you experience this while on your trip.

Practice On Difficult Surfaces

Another training technique that you can try as you get ready for a long backpacking trip is to practice walking and hiking on difficult surfaces. While going on basic hiking trails will be beneficial, running or hiking on sand or other challenging surfaces will do even more to prepare your mind and your body for the stresses that come from going on long backpacking trips.

If you want to be ready for the long backpacking trip that you have planned, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you prepare and train for this.


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