10 Top Online Banks You Should Check Out

Several online banks offer banking services without physical locations. Online banks usually offer higher interest rates to their consumers. This is because they save on the cost of running physical branches. Online banking customers can benefit from Southwest credit card offers. Following is a list of top online banks you should check out.

Axos Bank

Axos Bank is a top online bank that offers high-interest rates on savings and checking account services. The low fees and opening balance requirements make this an attractive banking option. There are no monthly running fees, and the bank offers unlimited reimbursement on domestic ATM fees. Its use of biometric authentication enhances safety.

Ally Bank

If you want to benefit from low fees from an online bank, Ally bank is at the top of the list. The bank does not charge numerous fees while still offering a wide range of useful tools to manage your account. There are no fees on most common banking transactions, and opening balances are low. The bank offers competitive interest rates on checking and savings accounts.

Capital One

Capital One ranks highly in customer satisfaction. With no minimum opening deposit, the online bank allows debit cardholders free access to more than 39,000 ATMs across the country. However, the bank does not reimburse fees for using out-of-network ATMs. Capital One has physical branches for customers who like the option of speaking with a banker.

Discover Bank

Discover bank offers checking and savings accounts, and it ranks highly in customer satisfaction. Their rates are very competitive, and the bank has attractive credit card rewards. Customers can earn interest on their savings accounts, and there is no minimum opening balance. The mobile app is easy to use.

Varo Bank

Varo is highly rated for offering high savings account rates. Customers can potentially earn up to 3 percent interest on their savings accounts. There are no monthly fees and no minimum opening balance. Customers can begin to earn interest with a low balance. Varo customers can benefit from a 15 percent cash back on selected purchases.


If you use Bitcoin, Quontic is a good option. The online bank offers rewards for checking accounts, allowing customers to earn Bitcoin on qualifying debit-card purchases. The cash-back reward for spending, the low fees, and the great interest rates make it an attractive online bank.


One is a top online banking option for subaccounts. Customers receive a free One account that offers separate pockets or subaccounts for saving and spending. Every customer receives three subaccounts or pockets: the Spend, Save, and Auto-Save Pockets. Customers have access to more than 55,000 ATMs.


Chime online bank will allow you to receive your deposits two days early. With a Chime Savings Account, you can begin earning interest sooner and access your money earlier. The bank does not charge fees for foreign transactions, making it ideal for international travelers.


Monifi has a strong interest rate for savings. Customers have access to two free accounts—a Save Balance and a Spend Balance account. The Monifi app offers customers the opportunity to set saving and spending goals. It also helps with transferring money between the different accounts.

Synchrony Bank

Synchrony Bank offers a savings account but no checking account. The bank also offers certificates of deposit. The bank’s mobile app is highly rated, and it allows customers to check deposits. Customer service is available through live chat, phone, and Twitter.

The best online banks provide attractive services, and they help customers resolve any issues that might turn up.




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