5 Dirty Sexting Tips To Turn Him On

Now, this piece is my special dedication to all ladies who are wondering how to turn your guy on while texting. This is actually a simple thing to do. My experience with guys has taught me that guys are actually visual creatures. They actually thrive on what they see and on whatever picture is painted in their mind. That’s why they are not quite able to multitask. Knowing your guy quite well is a stepping stone when you want to turn him on while texting. All you need to really have in mind in him. Get yourself in the mood so as to pull him in. Paint a picture in his mind that will leave him wanting all of you, every single piece of you. Here are 5 tips that will really up your game when sexting with your guy and want to set him on fire-you know what I mean.


1. Set the mood

The thing about guys is that despite the fact that they look so tough on the inside they are actually weak creatures on the inside. They actually want a direction and they will actually follow. Get into the mood and work from that perspective then pull him in. Make him feel the energy in you through your text. Pull him into your world and despite the fact that he is quite far from you he will be craving for you. You can also try pulling out some good memories that you two have had. Mind you, in this case, I am not talking about the walk you had a couple of months ago I am talking about how you two hit it. That will snap him right into place.

2. Make it sound so real

If there is something that really makes me afraid of some ladies is in their ability to tell a lie so well that it will appear as the truth. I have seen often where a guy will apologize to the lady where the lady should be the one making the apology. As you make the call make sure that even you are convinced this thing is going down for real. Make it sound as though you that’s all you want at that time. Make everything so real for him. You can actually try using an accent but still don it well, don’t get annoying.

3. Have the right timing

Now once you master the art of using the right time on your advantage then trust me you can do anything that you want to do. Choose a time that you know he is free and is not distracted and also a time that you know he is not in public. After all, you don’t want him to only give you a couple of giggles and Okays. If you ask me the right time for this to go down is actually at night. This is the time you know that he has nothing else to do and that he will actually reply as though he is into it. This time is also good as it a time that if the real thing was to go down would be the ideal time so it will snap him right into it.

4. Keep it short but interesting

There is nothing much worse than having a boring phone sex session. It can actually destroy a relationship if one even existed in the first place. It can actually make you feel embarrassed such that you are afraid to face him in the future when you meet. sexting messages are not supposed to be lengthy. Make short sentences and gauge your success rate from the kind of reply and answers that he is giving you. The good thing about sexting with the right timing is that you get an instant reply. However, if you are not yet there in your game you can try a gay chat line for free. They will definitely give you an experience of a lifetime. This is the kind of place that you will definitely come back for more.

5. Stay on point

Many couples will take every opportunity they get to talk about their mortgage or their overdue bills or all other life’s issues. No dear this is not the time to bring up the topic of the chats you saw in his phone as you were snooping or ask him to explain about some photos you saw of him and some other chick. Stick in the topic and make him feel secure, remind him that you are his and he is never loosing you. Make sure he knows how much you treasure what you guys have and this will put him at ease. I once heard of a guy who could never sext with his wife simply because he thought that it was a trap and that there was a hidden agenda. Don’t be that girl.

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