Homemade Recipes For Your Canine

Being a dog owner is no easy job. Having a dog comes with great responsibility. You have to take care of them and treat them like a human. Humans and dogs have similar needs. Just like humans, they also need to eat, exercise, and get checkups. You can search online for keywords like top vets in Atlanta, Georgia, or wherever you live in. Once you have chosen a vet, be sure to take your dog to the clinic regularly to know the state of their health and keep them healthy.

Diet plays a huge role in one’s health. Like what they say, you are what you eat. You must give your dog foods that contain the nutrients they need to be fit and healthy. However, you cannot just solely depend on dog foods. You need to feed them whole foods with lots of protein and fiber. Unfortunately, there are lots of dog food that contain lots of preservatives and are very processed. It is better to prepare their food by yourself so that you would know what they intake. The best part is you are the one who will pick the ingredients and can even mix and match them. Here are some recipes that you can try.


You need lean ground beef, sweet potato, carrot, and coconut oils. First, you need to saute the ground beef, then add all the other ingredients once the beef is cooked. After adding the ingredients, add water, then cover it. Put it on medium heat and let it boil for 15-20 minutes. Afterward, stir everything and make sure that all the ingredients are cooked and soft. This dish only takes 40 minutes in total.


The nutrient proportions of this recipe are 50% protein, 25% veggies, and 25% grains. You will need brown rice, olive oil, ground turkey, spinach, carrots, zucchini, and peas. Shred the carrots and zucchinis and chop the baby spinach. The first thing you have to do is to cook the rice. You can use a rice cooker or a saucepan for this; just follow the instructions in the packaging. Heat the olive oil in a stockpot, then add the ground turkey and start cooking. Once it’s cooked, add the vegetables and the rice and cook it for about 3-5 minutes.


In this recipe, you will need olive oil, squash, potatoes, broccoli, and salmon. Mix the broccoli, carrots, and squash and steam them in a rice cooker. Air fry the potato with olive oil. You can cook this differently, but air frying would be a healthier option. Fry the salmon in a pan with the olive oil and the potato. Once it is cooked, add in the vegetables and mix them together.


For this recipe, you will need sweet potatoes, frozen mixed veggies (you can get fresh vegetables), brown rice, and chicken breast. Place the chicken breast first, then all the other ingredients on top of the chicken. Make sure that the vegetables entirely cover the chicken. Let it cook for 5 hours if high and 8 hours if low. After cooking it, remove them, shred the chicken, and mix everything until everything is distributed evenly. You can serve it as is or add bone broth to add more flavor.

In Summary

All the recipes mentioned are high in protein since they contain whole and lean meat. The best part of making homemade dog food is you can pick whatever meat you are going to include. So if the price of specific meat is too high, you can just opt for another kind. It is all up to you what you are going to put. Just experiment with it and see if your dog likes your cooking. All you have to remember is that the food must be high in protein and must include fat, carbohydrate, grains, fiber, and water.

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