I Want to Travel the Whole World

If you are wondering, “I want to travel the world but I have no idea where to start from”, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s see how some people are able to travel the world.

Now’s the Right Time

Travel the world no matter how old you are! According to bcg.perspectives, people between ages of 16 and 34 years are more interested in travelling. They top the elders by a 23% margin and every year, billions are spent on tourism. Today, travelling is not that hard because there are so many facilities and conveniences that allow you to take an extended tour around the world in as little as $8,000.

Today, people are more interested in finding out about the cultures of other countries rather than partying. This involves the occasional backpacking trips and living in remote places for the sake of gaining some peace and quiet. In fact, most people prefer living in a hostel as compared to a hotel, probably as it saves a lot of money and lets them experience a new lifestyle with different groups of people.

Understanding Travelling Costs

One of the biggest costs in travelling the world are accommodations. And experienced travelers know how to hack down their costs.

Did you know that nowadays, you can find better accommodation in hostels than hotels? Since the surge in travelling, people are looking for cheap accommodations and are staying in hostels. According to Huffpost, most of the hostels have changed their accommodations to suit the travelers with leisure expectations. These hostels now contain movie theatres, private bathrooms, pools bars and even a spa.

Furthermore, everyone knows about AirBnB. With some research chances are you can find great, affordable accommodations. There are several ways you can save to pay your way through the trip (spending less on luxuries, for starters). After all, it’s an adventure we are looking for and what kind of adventure it will be if we spend it in luxury?

The second cost is the time you have to spare and plan in advance for the whole trip. People who travel the world plan well, and in advance. Months in advance.

Understanding Travelling Opportunities

Some people get to travel the world because they get the opportunity to do so. Traveling is no longer considered a luxury because people are not looking for that adrenaline rush but the experience of meeting new people and living new cultures. Another reason how travelling has become so easy is because more and more people are working in travel agencies or companies that sanction trips a lot. According to a report by Expedia, employees under 30 travel 4.7 times every year on business trips. Planning side trips becomes easier.

Not only does this allow them to save money but also to tour the world in style. According to a survey by Topdeck Travel, the percentage of people concerned with their social media accounts and Wi-Fi has dropped by 10%. In fact, when they are travelling the world, for them, it’s all about the adventure rather than bragging to their friends about the places they are visiting.

Since, I work part time and study at a private college; I have no time to think about travelling. However, with people so easily travelling nowadays and that at the age of 18, I think I am ready now to take the step. It might mean quitting my job and taking a semester break but I want to travel the world and I believe this is the best time. There is no point in just waiting for the golden years of my life because who knows where life might take me at that time.

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