What to Look for in a Backpack When Buying One

A backpack is one of the most common things we have around. Anyone who has seen the four walls of school should be familiar with a backpack. Aside from school, backpacks find use in other areas, including mountain climbing, hiking, camping, and for some, traveling.

There is an abundance of backpacks in the market from different brands and various styles and designs. While shopping for a backpack, One may quickly get overwhelmed by the variety that exists, and end up buying an unsuitable backpack. In this article, we list five things to look out for when buying a new backpack.


When it comes to backpacks, bigger is not always better. You should pick the backpack that is the right size for your body, meaning it should not be small, either. A backpack that is too big or too small will result in the weight of the pack being unbalanced. The unbalanced weight will cause back pains.


However you intend to use the backpack, it is sure to spend some time over your back. You should get a backpack that sits rightly on your back without causing undue strain. It should have padded shoulder straps that do not dig into your shoulders when the backpack is loaded. You can put some items into the backpack, and test how comfortable it feels on your back and shoulder. If you do not like the way it feels, drop it and move on to the next one.


Few things are more annoying than when the strap of a backpack pulls out at an inopportune time. Before buying any backpack, check to make sure that the straps are well secured (shoulder straps should be held with double stitching). You may choose to tug on the straps to test how well they hold up. You should select backpacks made of sturdy materials like Nylon, Leather, or Canvas.

The amount of protection the backpack provides

Another major factor to consider before buying a backpack is how well it will protect whatever you intend to put inside. While a bag that is a hundred percent waterproof is not truly necessary(unless you live in a rainforest!), the backpack should offer some degree of water resistance in case of emergencies. Also, there should be adequate padding to prevent electronic gadgets like cameras and laptops from justling about in the pack.


This last thing on our list of things to look out for before you commit to buying a backpack is reviews. Most companies will have their brand name printed somewhere on the backpack, run a quick internet search of the brand name. Reviews, like those found on Mystery Ranch Backpack reviews page, will tell you much. Your decision to buy should be significantly influenced by the general opinion of people who have left reviews.

There it is! These five factors to consider should help you in picking the right backpack, the next time you visit the store.


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