4 Tips For A Long Drive With Kids

Most parents know how difficult it can be to drive with kids, even on short distances. The more kids you have, the more challenging it can be to get to your destination without arguing or something spilling. Going on a long drive can be enough to leave you at your wit’s end.

However, with the right tips, you can ensure a successful road trip and get to your destination in one piece. If you’re planning on going for a long drive in the near future with your kids, take a look at some of the best tips to keep in mind.

Kids Require Space

If there’s one thing you can do to improve your chances of a successful long drive with small children, it’s driving a vehicle that has plenty of space. Kids easily get flustered if they’re two squeezed in with their siblings. Ideally, you should have a large family vehicle that gives each child plenty of room. You’ll have less arguing and whining in general when everyone has more room in the back seat.

Drive At Night

If you have an exceptionally long distance to travel, then you should consider driving at night. The kids will sleep in the back seat during the entirety of the trip, and when they wake up, you’ll be at your destination. Just make sure that you’re plenty rested before deciding to do this. It can be dangerous if you’re too tired, so make sure there’s no risk of you falling asleep at the wheel.

Make Pitstops

Kids will need to go to the bathroom several times throughout the trip. Even kids who wear diapers will still need to pull over for a change. However, in addition to practical pitstops for going potty, you should also make pit stops for fun things to do.

When creating your itinerary, look for any interesting places to stop good kids would enjoy. When you keep your kids in mind while making your itinerary, you’re setting yourself up for success. Whether the pit stops are stopping by a local museum or even just having a picnic, make stops that will be a nice distraction from driving for your kids.

Bring Snacks

It’s not uncommon for kids to repeat “I’m hungry” ten thousand times before you reach your destination. Make sure to load up on healthy snacks and have plenty of things to munch on throughout the trip. Remember, it’s best to provide healthy snacks and hold off on the sugar. If your kids become too energized, they can get out of control in the back seat. For your sanity, you want to make sure that your children don’t have any sugar highs and crashes.

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