All of Spain Distilled to One Region in Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is a unique place in Spain. It is a region that manages to contain within it the variety that you’d find across the whole country. If you’re looking for a place in Spain that allows you to experience every aspect of the country’s culture and ecosystem, then Costa Blanca is the place to go. It features the rural idyllic towns that you’d associate with the Spanish countryside, the bustling metropolitan cities that bring in so many tourists, and the natural beauty of Spain’s beaches.

The best thing about being in Costa Blanca is how quickly you can reach any part of Spain that you’d like. It might not be home to every attraction, but if you’re looking for a life of contrast then Costa Blanca is the place to be. In a few days, you can see some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, the rolling countryside, and even the mountains.

Northern Costa Blanca

The citric groves that famously string along Spain’s in-land are in full force in Costa Blanca. Olivia and Pego are particularly known for their expensive fields. These regions are also home to some mountainous runs, full of caves that can be toured. Those in Canelobre are notably for their expansive size.

This section of Costa Blanca shows you the rugged coastline that has been carved away by the sea over the years, a completely different type of beach than you’d normally see in Spain.

Southern Costa Blanca

The Southern side of Costa Blanca shows you the other side of Spain. This area is considerably flatter, which makes it a great place to relax by the beach. The smooth sandy beaches and clear seas are dotted with palm trees and boarded with tapas bars and restaurants. Having all of this on your doorstep gives you a constant beach holiday.

There are even some islands off of the coast here that give you an insight into the remote nature of many of these places.

While it might be home to Benidorm and plenty of tourists, if you’re looking for something smaller than Costa Blanca can supply it.


Costa Blanca is such a great place in Spain since it is representative of the whole country. Typically, you would have to travel to see both the beauty of Spain’s nature and mountains and the clearest seas and beaches. Costa Blanca distils the country down into one small region, with everything at your doorstep.

With this kind of experience on offer, it is clear why those visiting Costa Blanca end up looking for Costa Blanca property for sale. There is a lot on offer for anyone in Costa Blanca. Property for sale rarely lasts long in the area, so it is competitive. With enough on offer to both residents and those looking for a holiday home in Costa Blanca, property for sale is in high demand. Which each area giving you something different, you can have the entire country only a day away.

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