Top Attractions to Visit in Auckland With Kids

If you are planning to visit some other country with your kids, try Auckland. You will be pleased to find that there are many things for them to see and do here. There are museums, zoos, theme parks, gardens and much more. The weather is also perfect if you are travelling with toddlers. So, here is a list of 10 attractions to visit with your kids in Auckland. Also, you can check out the amazing flight deals at Cathay Pacific by clicking on this link.

  • Auckland Museum

Auckland Museum is one of the best places to start your exploration of the city with your kids. It can be fun-filled and a learning activity all in one. The building in which the museum is housed surely is going to impress your kids. You can learn about the history of New Zealand in the Auckland Museum, especially stories about Maori tribes and their treasures. It displays over 2000 ancient artefacts from the Maori tribe and your kids can ask any questions about them to clear their doubts.

  • Auckland Zoo

Every kid loves animals. So, why not visit a zoo when you are in Auckland? Auckland Zoo is one of the biggest zoos in New Zealand covering an area of 17 hectares, and it provides a home to over 1500 animals in 135 species. You can also see animals that are native to New Zealand in this zoo. You can see elephants, zebras, lions, seals, and even birds like kiwis. Make sure you visit the zoo on time if you are visiting in the evening hours as the last admission takes place at 4.15 PM.


The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT) is the only museum of its kind in New Zealand and that reason alone makes its a must-visit with kids. It is located in the Western Springs close to the Auckland Zoo. Therefore, you can combine the trip into a full day if you want to. So, what can you see in this museum? It is a museum that displays everything related to science and technology interactively so that the kids fall in love with the exhibits. For example, the aircraft collection with its Lancaster Bomber, Short Sunderland flying boat, De Havilland Mosquito wooden fighter bomber is surely going to excite your kids!

  • Sea Life Kelly Tarlton’s

If you want to visit an aquarium with your kids then you must head to the Sea Life Kelly Tarlton’s in Auckland. There are more than 10 themed zones in the aquarium with many fish species and other marine creatures. Don’t forget to check out the largest collection of sharks in New Zealand in the aquarium. You can also swim with the sharks by getting yourself into the Shark Cage Experience. It is the highlight of the visit and also if you want to see hundreds of penguins visit the penguin display. There is a sea turtle rescue mission here in which you can learn more information about sea turtles and what affects their life.

  • Sky Tower Auckland

The Auckland Sky Tower is a place not to be missed, especially if you are travelling with adventurous kids. The Sky Tower stands at a height of 328 meters dominating the skyline of Auckland. The viewing deck is located at 220 meters and from here you can watch the entire city, the breathtaking views it has to offer, especially at sunset. You can also have dinner at the 360 degrees revolving restaurant at the Sky Tower or you can head to the Sky Cafe to have some ice cream with your kids. This will be a new experience for your kids. All of this can be a little expensive but kids aged under 5 get admissions for free.

  • Butterfly Creek

Butterfly Creek, located just a few minutes away from the Auckland International Airport, is another must-visit attraction when you are travelling with kids. The main highlight in the Butterfly Creek is the Butterfly House which provides a home to over 500 butterflies from 20 different species. So, imagine the fascination your kids will have when you take them there? Also, it has many other attractions like the Buttermilk Farm, Dinosaur Kingdom, Kiwi Forest and the mini playground that is designed for kids. Feeding tours for the animals also can be arranged in the Butterfly Creek. Make sure to ride the mini train to get your kids more excited!

  • Mini Golf Adventure at Treasure Island

Mini Golf Treasure Island Adventure is a small family-operated theme park in Auckland, located in the Auckland International Airport. There are two different 18 golf courses here; one named the Blackbeard’s and the other as the Captain. The Blackbeard’s is suitable for kids who are experienced in playing golf and it features an artificial cave. The Captain’s is suitable for beginners and features a pirate ship. You will also have a chance to play golf in the islands of the park, near the waterfalls and in the waters where sharks are. You will also hear cannons firing! But don’t be alarmed. None of this is real and all the things you see here are used for entertainment purposes.

  • Auckland Botanic Gardens

Auckland Botanic Gardens is a great place to go for a stroll in the morning or evening hours. You can also arrange a small picnic and let your kids play in the well-managed garden areas. It will also be a good opportunity for your kids to learn about different kinds of plants, especially the ones that are native to New Zealand. You can head to the Potter Children’s Garden at Auckland Botanic Gardens to enjoy more with your kids as it has demonstrations on how plants are grown, how cacti survive the dry conditions, about healthy soil, recycling waste materials and much more. So, it will be an unforgettable educational experience for your kids.

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