Why Your Health Matters More As You Grow Older

Aging is something that is inevitable. However, ill health does not have to be unavoidable, and plenty of people are growing old in a happy and healthy way thanks to increased knowledge and advances in medical science. In that spirit, here are some of the most common health risks that older people face – and some tips on how to ensure that they are managed well.


Few health concerns can be quite as painful as arthritis – symptoms, treatment and more can all be complicated. This condition affects both women and men, and it is so complicated that there is not always a one-size-fits-all solution – each patient may require a different treatment plan. Arthritis can happen to anybody, though it is believed that there are some ways to reduce the risk. Avoiding smoking during your lifetime, for example, is one way to cut the chances of rheumatoid arthritis developing in later life, while regular exercise can keep your joints working well.


Dementia – or the similar condition known as Alzheimer’s disease – is a difficult condition to cope with both for family members and for the patient themselves. Characterized by a sharp decline in memory and cognitive function, it is distressing for all involved. Dementia can be managed through sympathetic care from professionals, and there are some pioneering treatment options under consideration: it is now believed, for example, that some diabetes drugs may one day be able to help dementia patients. It is also believed that following a healthy diet may help reduce the risk that dementia will occur – but as with arthritis, this is a complex condition with no obvious cause.

Macular degeneration

As anyone with a family member who has suffered from this tough eye condition will know, this is an illness that can really reduce the quality of life of the patient. The illness leads to either a total loss of vision or simply just blurred vision, and it is sadly often quite difficult to treat and control. Studies show that people over the age of 50 usually contract this condition, and it tends to affect the patient in a gradual way, which can in some ways make it more painful.

Speaking to a physician about some innovative treatments can be one way to manage the condition, depending on the exact version that you have. If you have “dry” macular degeneration, for example, then it is possible that there won’t be treatment available, though the “wet” form of the disease can be managed with injections.

One of the main worries that people develop as they age is how getting older will affect their health. However, with modern science and health care technology, there are ways to at least manage common older people’s health conditions. While there is never any guarantee that there will be a full solution or a preventative measure, there are almost always steps that you can take to control the onset of ill health.

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