The 5 Top Sights To See In Canada

Exploring Canada

Canada is a beautiful country that houses people of all cultures, races and nationalities. In addition to being home to such great diversity and color, the country also promises many interesting sites for those who wish to explore on their own, adventure, food and even the Canadian Multilotto website.

Visiting Canada for the first time on a strict schedule may prevent you from exploring what it has in store. Therefore, we shall guide you through the top sights to see in Canada so you make the most of your first trip.

1) Niagara Falls:

Niagara Falls is among the top rated tourist attraction sites in the world. Anyone who has been to Canada has definitely seen the falls that are only an hour’s drive from Toronto. The most amusing thing about Niagara Falls is the breathtaking view of the 57-meters deep falls as seen from the edge.

Like other Canadian attractions, it is a family-friendly spot and due to the heroic stunts of daredevils, the surrounding town is working on developing a festival-like atmosphere that is another attraction on its own.

2) CN tower, Toronto

Keeping close to Toronto is the iconic CN Tower erected at the shore of Lake Ontario. This tower is among the tallest standing structures in the world and offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding city, especially when viewed from the revolving restaurant built within the tower.

It is indeed difficult to miss sight of the gigantic CN Tower from any part of Canada’s biggest city. The tower also serves as a spectacular sight that defines the city’s night life because immediately the sun goes down, the tower begins sparkling in an array of lights that keep the city vibrant throughout the night.

3) Old Quebec

The territory of old Quebec constitutes the Upper and Lower Town of Quebec. It is a breathtaking beautiful sight with colorful spread of architecture. Old Quebec is also recognized as a heritage under UNESCO World heritage sites. Apart from the colorful view, you will find yourself enjoying all kinds of shops, out-door diners, museums and all kinds of festivals.

One of the main attractions of upper town is the Château Frontenac, a grand hotel that was designated in 1980 as the National Historic site of Canada. Take advantage of this most photographed hotel in the world to take some nice shots that will serve as a reminder of your trip here.

4) Victoria’s Inner Harbor

Victoria’s Inner Harbor is a beautifully developed area in Victoria that is totally unlike the other waterfronts across Canada. Inner Harbor is an ideal place to take a leisurely stroll, relax, dine and enjoy the variety of street performers.

The harbor is most lively and vibrant in summers and the most picturesque aspect of this sight is the magnificent and historic hotel in the background. Empress Hotel that once served Kings and Queens with grandeur is a highlight for visitors coming to Victoria, who can also enjoy traditional high tea served at the hotel.

5) Vancouver’s Stanley Park

If you happen to be in Vancouver, be sure not to miss the Stanley Park that is situated on a peninsula and surrounded on one side by the ocean, and by huge red cedar and Douglas fir trees on the other. It is a spot to enjoy the view of city and sea, with sights such as an aquarium, the Beverly Lake and a rose garden located within the park. Vancouver will definitely make you want to get outside and you can totally get a good travel workout while exploring the city.

Another great attraction in Stanley Park, are the totem poles in one part, some of which had been erected almost a 100 years ago.

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