A Luxurious Stay At Las Vegas’s Venetian Resort

There are so many reasons to visit Las Vegas. You may be in it for the games and the clubs, the restaurants and the bars, or the shows and the rides. These days, plenty even go for the music and arts scene, or to take day trips into surrounding canyons to hike. No matter what reason you have for planning a trip to Vegas however, you’ll face one crucial decision: which resort to choose.

There are of course plenty of good options. But out of all the iconic hotels lining the Vegas Strip, there’s no establishment more highly regarded than the Venetian Resort. This year in fact, The Venetian Resort Las Vegas was awarded the Forbes Travel Guide Star Award for its 20th consecutive year. The Italian-inspired hotel was commended in particular for its exemplary guest service, which emphasizes customer safety and comfort in order to deliver the best experience possible.

In the Venetian Resort, where every room is a suite, even the lobbies are marvels of art and architecture. It’s classical Italian style infused with modern Vegas glamor –– a little piece of Venice that provides everything you need in just one location. Below, we’ll explore the various things you can enjoy during a luxurious stay at this wonderful resort.

Gondola Rides: An Immersive Escape

Of course, no trip to the Venetian resort is complete without a gondola ride. Float past the vibrant Venetian facades as a singing Gondolier ferries you across the hotel’s many winding canals. Rent out a private gondola for an intimate ride under the Venetian’s iconic painted indoor sky. Or, take the outdoor route that gives you a glimpse of the Las Vegas strip.

Dining Opportunities: Delicious and Diverse

With over 80 restaurants offering a variety of different cuisines, the Venetian Resort is a celebration of multicultural decadence. Take a bite of Latin America at Chef Lorena Garcia’s Chica, where the dinner entrees can take you anywhere from the canyons of Peru to the coastal plains of Mexico. Indulge in the taste of Sichuan and Beijing at Alan Ji’s award-winning Chinese restaurant, Mott 32. Or if you want to fully immerse yourself in the Venetian’s Italian-inspired escape, treat yourself to some fresh pasta at Matteo’s Ristorante Italiano, where the flavors of Northern Italy come alive.

Recreation: High-Class Amenities for High Stakes Games

The many areas of the Venetian Resort Casino can satisfy any gamer’s craving for action and unpredictability, but one venue stands above the rest in terms of pure sophistication: a dedicated poker room so upscale it’s widely considered one of the best in the city (which is saying something). Playing poker at a casino can take mental stimulation to a whole new level, and the Venetian Resort Casino has more than 35 tables to choose from, and the high-class facilities only enhance the experience. Plus, 24/7 tableside food service keeps player energy levels up, while charging stations at each seat will keep electronic devices going throughout every game. Just be sure you know what you’re doing! You don’t have to be a pro, but reviewing the basics will make you much more comfortable playing at a venue like this. You can brush up on Texas Hold’em rules through any of a number of YouTube videos, and Poker.org’s hand ranking charts make for a nice study guide on how to value different cards. With this knowledge in hand you’ll be able to hold your own as the Venetian’s dealers and servers guide you through terrific gaming experience.

Relaxation: Get Pampered by the Palazzo

Tourists looking for some quality downtime can make an appointment at the Canyon Ranch Spa Club, which is located between the Palazzo building and the main Venetian Resort. The Canyon Ranch Spa Club is the largest in the world, and offers more than 150 different spa treatments. The signature treatment is the Mango Sugar Glo, a full-body exfoliation that uses a mango sugar mixture followed by 15-20 minutes of hydrotherapy. Many also recommend their Pure Facial, which is a treatment that loosens dirt and oil in the face then exfoliates skin through plant-based cosmeceuticals.

All in all, it really is difficult to think of anything the Venetian is missing. It may not quite simulate a real trip to Italy, and certainly some of its attractions are glaringly artificial. That’s sort of the nature of the game in Vegas though, and in the case of the Venetian there’s something quite charming about the resulting atmosphere. That, plus all of the activities and attractions outlined above, make this our go-to Vegas resort.


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