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People, Woman, Stretching, Yoga, Exercise, HealthThe fitness world is crammed with numerous fitness routines all claiming huge health benefits to individuals. Hot yoga is one such fitness routine and although it is a favorite for many persons, it is rather a touchy topic. Some swear on the big benefits while others say it’s all nothing but a sham. It is for this reason why reached out to the experts for them to tell all they know about the real and assessable benefits of hot yoga. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Increases Your Flexibility

Why should flexibility be included when it is one of the obvious benefits of all types of yoga? Well, here’s what one lifestyle and fitness expert says, the heat speeds up the process of stretching way past your body’s limits. What are the benefits of training in the heated environment? It allows for the contraction and expansion of muscles to larger limits to promote a higher flexibility without the threat of injury. Hot yoga, therefore, is an extremely handy practice for dancers, trainers, athletes or for persons who need to improve and tune their flexibility. However, never overstretch and remember to be mindful of and be gentle to your body.

2. Detoxifies Your Body 

In a hot yoga class, you get a sweat that is quite different from other training class. What actually happens is that the heat and increased energy causes you to sweat profusely. This sweating causes you to decrease your body’s water retention and rid it of the chemicals, toxins and other unwelcomed compounds.

A certified fitness therapist says that sweat helps the body to preserve homeostasis. When you are in an environment with a temperature that is greater than your body temperature, it intensifies the internal as well as the skin temperatures, thereby stimulating blood flow to the cells of the skin. When you combine those challenging poses and breath, the causes your body to become soaked in more sweat. When you sweat, your body also rids itself of unneeded water and salt.

In addition, research has shown that sweat contains tiny bits of environmental chemicals such as BPA and other toxins. However, these studies are still indecisive as to what effect eliminating these pollutants through sweat has on our health. A deep sweat will open the pores and remove dirt, grime and other bacteria that block the pores, leaving your skin with a glow. Check this URL for more info on hot yoga

3. Gives Your Skin a Natural Glow

It’s common knowledge that workouts boost heart rate and circulation. Once circulation is increased, more blood cells and oxygen connect with the skin. Therefore, workout such as running, hiking, yoga and Pilates flush the skin producing a natural glow. Research states that adding heat to your workout causes your circulation to increase much more than if you were using the same technique at room temperature. That is why some persons claim that one 60- minute workout in a hot yoga class gives their skin a shiny and moist look without the need for makeup.

4. Helps in Weight Loss

Another expert says that hot yoga helps in weight loss. The fact that you have to hold several poses coupled with the intensified heat causes your heart to pump and build lean muscle, which result in significant weight loss. One particular expert used Bikram Yoga to bring home the point by stating that you can burn as much as 1000 calories in just one 90-minute session of Bikram Yoga, which is the same as other types of cardiovascular exercise.

5. Improves Heart Health

Researchers found a link between staying for extended time in a sauna reduces hypertension (high blood pressure) risks. This is crucial, since there is a link between hypertension and heart disease. Although researchers cannot explain the connection between heat and normal blood pressure, it is best to think about this if you plan to do hot yoga training.

6. Promotes Mindfulness

One expert says that yoga nurtures mindfulness. Hot yoga reinforces the physical environment and inspires you to be current while noting your feelings, thoughts and physical perceptions. In a hot room, you have to shift your focus to your immediate environment. With beads of sweat forming everywhere on your body, you have no option but to remain present with your sweat and body, so you can survive the heat. Hot yoga is a great technique that helps to free you from your to-do list and focus on the now.

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7. Enhances Your Mood

From the study of several types of meditation, we conclude that mindfulness enhances mood. Therefore, persons suffering from depression may find that training in the heat can release and cleanse standing energy and rouse passion. According to the fitness experts, sustained sweating helps to increase endorphins in the brain, which act as natural pain relievers of the body.

Like other forms of yoga, hot yoga is a great alternative for persons who are looking to unite with their mind and body. Hot yoga is the choice for persons who desire intensity and want to work up some serious sweat.

The experts will tell you that you need to take the right precautions if you want to get all you can from the training and be injury free. You need to drink water to keep the moisture that comes from the body through sweat and breathing. In addition, it is best to start hydration two hours (minimum) before training. Read more here

It is best you stick with non-heated class if you have any of the following:

  • Low/ high blood pressure,
  • pre-existing heart condition,
  • dehydration,
  • susceptible to heat stroke,
  • adverse reaction to hot environments like breakouts
  • skin irritations
  • dizziness/ nausea

Remember: Check with your doctor before you engage in any type of intense activity.

Hot yoga involves every aspect of physical fitness such as endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and weight loss. Although it is not the simplest type of yoga to practice, it is the right style for both beginner and guru. What are the unique benefits of hot yoga? They are cleansing (detoxification), reduced injuries because of the body’s flexibility in a heated environment. Unlike other yoga style, hot yoga addresses the total health of the body in a broad way.

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