RV Pre-Trip Checklist: 5 Things You Need To Do

As you get ready for your next or first RV road trip, it’s important not to get caught up in spontaneity. In order to keep yourself organized and lower stress, you can create a checklist of the steps you need to take.

To help you figure out what those steps should be, here are the five things you need to do as part of your RV pre-trip checklist:

1 – Set A Budget

What is the maximum amount of money that you can spend on your trip?

Now you need to take that amount and divide it amongst all of the expenses that you will incur: the RV rental, security deposit, reservation fee, RV park fees, fuel, good, extra expenses, you name it. Organize these expenses onto a spreadsheet and find out your budget for each of them.

2 – Make Reservations

Always make reservations at your RV park or campsite well in advance to ensure a slot. Simply showing up one day and asking for a site may not guarantee you one.

You’ll also want to look for RV parks that offer water and electrical hookups (not all RV parks do), as well as anything else that you desire, such as hiking trails, public showers, a basketball court, access to a river or a lake, or whatever else it is you want.

3 – Choose An RV

You can’t go on an RV trip without an RV to begin with, right? In the weeks before your trip, you should begin the search for an RV to rent.

When looking for an RV, you want to ensure it’s a model with enough storage and sleeping space. Search for the most affordable RV that meets the criteria you want.

One more thing to remember is that when reserving an RV you will have to pay a non-refundable reservation fee, and when you actually do reserve it, you’ll have to pay a refundable security deposit in addition to the rent cost per day.

4 – Get Insured

Even if you have the best auto insurance in the world, it’s most likely not going to cover an RV.

Instead, you need to look for special RV coverage that includes each of the following:

Total Loss Replacement Coverage

Vacation Liability Coverage

Coverage For Loss or Damage of Personal Possessions

In essence, you want to see if you can get RV insurance and travel insurance in one package if possible. Some RV renters will have a renter’s insurance for you as well.

5 – Pack

Obviously you need to pack before you leave on your RV trip, but you can’t just pack everything you need the night or morning before you leave either.

Okay, you can, but that’s hardly the right approach. Instead, you should begin packing about a week before the trip, getting just a little bit done each day (such as spending fifteen minutes or so each evening packing).

Crafting An RV Pre-Trip Checklist

The above five steps should absolutely be on any pre-RV trip checklist that you create for yourself. In fact, without following these steps, your RV trip won’t even be possible.


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