Travel Diaries: Why I Love Thailand

Travelling is a passion for most people and I’m actually one of them. Recently, I had the privilege of visiting one of the best places I could actually think of: Thailand. Of course, you must have often heard of people going there and while most people don’t believe it to be all that great but it’s actually the best vacation destination! If you haven’t yet done there, you should really pack your bags and book a flight because you definitely would not be sorry!

Why Thailand?

I’ve visited quite a lot of places throughout my time but amongst them, Thailand has actually topped the list. Here’s a list of things that absolutely made me fall in love:

ü Prices and accommodation

While it may not be amongst the cheapest destinations for a quick getaway, it’ll still help you save up quite a lot as compared to if you choose to vacation out elsewhere. Now the trouble that most people face is that the cheaper the rates, the worse the accommodation. I have to admit, I was a little afraid of that as well but it was actually quite the opposite. The accommodation was surprisingly clean and excellent as well as low prices, I never wanted to go back home!

ü The people

Let’s face it, you don’t always get to face good people on your travels but Thais? They’re much too hospitable and nice! Even if you’ve had a rough day or recently came back from a tiring travel, you’ll be guaranteed to always be in a good mood because the people of Thailand never fail to have a smile on their faces and help you with anything you might be in the need of. They’re generally very welcoming and I guess because of their experience of dealing with lots of tourists, they’ve grown used to accommodating everyone who stops by.

ü The food

The best part about travelling is facing the several kinds of cuisines that it has to offer and if you’re a foodie, like me, then this is probably the only reason you ever think about travelling in the first place. Thai food is, for lack of better words, amazing! The spicy tang that each dish brings with it, gives your palate a new flavor with every bite.  From Som Tam to Panang Curry Gai, you’ll be wanting to go back only for the food!

ü Beaches

Temples are a specialty about Thailand but the beaches? They’re out of this world! The beauty sandy shores with clear blue water will leave you feeling fresh and renewed in no time. It’s the ultimate relaxation destination which is worth every penny! The beaches are a glimpse of Paradise on earth and that’s not something you could get everywhere.

I was a little skeptical at first when I decided to travel to Thailand and honestly, I was convinced to spend my money at other places but after the trip, I was glad I didn’t make any other decision!


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