4 Must See Spots In Uganda

If you’ve decided to embark on an adventure of a lifetime and have committed to planning a trip to Uganda, simply continue reading to discover a few must-see spots which are well worth visiting on your upcoming trip.

Four of the must-see spots in Uganda:

  1. Bwindi National Park

If one of the reasons why you have your heart set on visiting Uganda in the near future is to be able to spot a mountain gorilla in its natural habitat it’s definitely well worth heading to Bwindi National Park, which is home to half the world’s population of wild gorillas. There are currently over 400 mountain gorillas which reside in the national park, which are split up into around 11 different groups.

In order to maximize your chances of spotting a mountain gorilla make sure to book a fun yet informative gorilla tracking tour with an experienced guide who is passionate about teaching tourists everything, they have learned about Uganda’s stunning giants.

If you’re keen on visiting Bwindi National Park, you may also be interested in booking a bird watching experience as the park is also home to a wide array of colorful, rare birds, which call the national park home.

  1. Kibale National Forest Park

Once you’ve spotted a group of gorillas in the jungle, it’s well worth heading to the Kibale National Forest Park, which is the number spot in the world to spot wild chimpanzees. While you can spot chimpanzees from the Queen Elizabeth National Park which is located right next to the Kibale National Forest Park, a greater number of chimpanzees call Kibale National Forest Park home.

Guided chimpanzee tracking tours depart daily from the Kanyanchu Visitor Center and last approximately 3 hours. During your tour, you’ll get a rare opportunity to see a group of wild chimpanzees play, eat and socialize with one another.

  1. Queen Elizabeth National Park

While the Queen Elizabeth National Park may not be the number one spot to track chimpanzees, it is one of the most popular spots in Uganda to spot wild animals on a guided safari tour. On a safari tour in Uganda, you should be able to spot giraffes, lions, elephants, hippopotamus, antelopes, and crocodiles, among other species of animals.

If spotting Africa’s big five is on your bucket list and you have limited time to explore Uganda, you can’t go wrong visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park.

  1. Ssese Islands

When you think of Uganda your first thoughts may be of lush jungles and African plains, however, Uganda is also home to world-class islands such as the Ssese Islands which boast powder soft, white sand beaches and warm turquoise water for as far as your eyes can see. Better yet when the sun goes down many resorts offer beach bonfires which are a great way to unwind and socialize after a day of sightseeing.

So if you’re putting together a basic itinerary for your upcoming trip to Uganda it’s well worth including as many of the incredible destinations listed above on your trip itinerary as possible if you want to enjoy the best activities which Uganda has to offer!

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