Places To Visit in Scotland While Enjoying the Scottish Cottage Holiday Accommodation


Have you ever been to Scotland? Are you planning to visit the place? Well, if visiting Scotland has been in your bucket list and you are finally going to satisfy your own adventure, then you need to be prepared for some amazing and mind-blowing sceneries that will stick in your mind for a very long time to come.

When you arrive to Scotland at first, the landscape always seems to be a bit harsh but when you get to spend some time there, you will notice the place has some uniquely beautiful places that you would never think of. From the craggy coastlines to the breathtaking highlands that offers a great place for strolling and hiking, there are just a lot of place you can visit and a lot of things you can do when you get to Scotland.

If this is one of the tourist destinations that you want to visit but doesn’t have any idea where to start, below are a few places you can start with and don’t even worry where you are going to stay. See this link for more information

  • Glasgow

Known t be the largest city in the country, Glasgow is also one of the oldest cities around dating back to the pre-historic period and is located along river Clyde. Glasgow serves as the largest seaport in the whole of Britain and once used as a place for building ships during the trading periods with North America.

The people in Glasgow are quite friendly and everything around will make you enjoy every bit of your stay there. From the music to the foods around, you can never get tired of Glasgow. The city is also full of historic medieval structures like the Antonine wall and Glasgow Cathedral among others.

You can also decide to go beyond the city and into the hills for some beautiful views, perhaps take a few pictures and preserve the memories.

  • Orkney

Have you ever heard about the Orkney islands? This is the famous archipelago that is found off the north coast of Scotland. The Orkney consists of 70 islands and only 20 are inhabited. If you want to visit some of the places even older than the Romans by more than 1000 years, then you Orkney is the place to be.

You will be able to see some of the oldest Neolithic places in Europe well preserved and perhaps also learn one or two things from them from too. You will also see the Ring of Brodgar which is another pre-historic site full of stones arranged in a circular formation and often used for rituals.

While on the islands, you can take out your binoculars and catch the beautiful view of the puffins and seals among other local arts from the museums and galleries around. Wait, did you also know that the islands also have a capital? Well, the capital of Orkney is Kirkwall as this is the largest town within the islands. Click here to see more about the Orkney.

  • St Andrews

When you happen to find yourself in the northeastern part of Edinburgh, you will run into another town called St. Andrews. People like coming to this place because it always lively and full of activities including golfing.

The place is often used as a venue during the golf open championship. Do you know which is the third oldest university in the English-speaking nation? That would be The University of St. Andrews, also found in St. Andrews.

It is a nice place where you can come and just relax in this coastal resort town while also enjoying some pre-historic buildings like the Old St. Andrews cathedral or even the Castle.

  • Inverness

This is the Most northern city in Britain and you can access the Scottish Highlands through it. If you like taking those long walks in the evening, then you will be happy spending some time in Inverness as you can always visit the Caledonian Canal and walk along River Ness to get to the Ness Islands.

Inverness is a place full of old pre-historic buildings and also a Victorian market and maybe purchase a few crafts to give them as gifts or keep them to remind you of the memories you had.


There are a lot of places you can visit in Scotland, these are just a few of them just to let you have a rough idea of what you should be expecting. If you are planning to visit this Scotland, make sure you don’t forget your camera because there’s just a lot to be seen and memories to be made.

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