3 Fun Things to Write About in Your Travel Journal

When you keep a travel journal, you want to be able to come back to it with anticipation and with the knowledge that you’ve captured your experiences. And while being a good writer is a part of accomplishing this, a significant part is also about writing down the right things because it’s not just about the words on the page, but about distilling the essence of your journey into tangible memories.

Here are 3 engaging things to document from your travels.

Memorable Encounters

Filling your travel journal with accounts of memorable encounters is an invaluable way to immortalize the people you meet along your journey. These individuals often shape your travel experience, offering unique insights, friendship, or simply a shared moment of laughter in an unfamiliar place and writing about them is one of the best ways to vividly recall the faces, stories, and emotions tied to each person.

So write about that kindly old lady who gave you jewelry and accessories she made herself, or that adorable little boy who made you laugh with a silly joke.

You can write memorable encounters in many formats, such as narrative anecdotes, dialogues, character sketches, or even in the form of letters to yourself.

Culinary Adventures

Documenting your culinary adventures is like creating a scrapbook of flavors and traditions from around the world; a delightful way to remember a place, one dish at a time. From street food stalls to high-end restaurants, every meal tells a story.

Plus, when friends ask for travel recommendations, you can give them a detailed list of must-try dishes and the best places to find them!

You can write about culinary adventures in many formats such as descriptive food reviews, diary-like entries recounting your dining experiences, recipe-inspired narratives that delve into the flavors and ingredients, or even as a visual journey with sketches or photographs.

Scenic Views

Scenic views are often the visual highlights of travels, and documenting them in your journals mean encapsulating the beauty and awe they inspire whether it’s a mountaintop panorama, a serene beach sunset, or just the skyline of a cool city.

Plus, it’s one of the simplest ways to appreciate the natural and architectural wonders that make many travels worthwhile.

You can write about scenic views in many formats, including vivid descriptive passages that paint a picture, poetic verses that evoke emotions inspired by the landscapes, diary-like entries that capture the moment and your personal feelings, or as a series of sketches or photographs that visually document what you saw.

Memories fade and it’s a good idea to document your travel experiences in addition to things like having keepsakes.


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